About Us

At Pacific Rubber & Supply we carry a well-stocked inventory of quality brands. We cater to any users, from equipment builders to individual consumers. Visit us for hoses, sheet rubber, rubber matting, and fittings and adaptors for any usage. Walk in to our warehouse and explore, or let us consult with you on-site.


Pacific Rubber & Supply has 12 employees with a combined experience of well over 150 years. Many of our employees have been here from the beginning. We have recruited our employees from the best of the best in the industry, and we pride ourselves on being the best in both products and experience. You not only have more than 30 years of our expertise at your disposal, but also great buying power and resources..


We started in Eugene, Oregon, in 1990, and now have 2 warehouses in Eugene of top-quality brands like Gates Rubber, Goodyear, Cox Reels, Eaton, and Brennen Industries. You can walk into our warehouse for immediate service, or we can come to your site and consult with you. Pacific Rubber & Supply is your one-stop shop for sheet rubber goods and hydraulic and industrial hoses and fittings, and of course, all of the associated products.


Our customers include equipment manufacturers, military and government entities, school districts, fire departments, business-to-business clients, and individual consumers. Many of our clients have trusted us with their business for decades. After providing one particular customer with more than a half a million parts over 10 years, we have a 100% quality rating. We are well respected in the industry for being reliable, trustworthy, on time. We know what we’re doing and we do it right.

Innovative products on a global scale.

Pacific Rubber & Supply Corporation owners Jim Damian and Dru Cook got into the rubber and hose business right out of high school, when they went to Alaska to work for Jim’s father in a company called Alaska Rubber & Supply. After successfully running that business, they moved to Portland, Oregon, and opened up a store called Pacific Rubber of Oregon, then branched out to Eugene, Oregon, with Pacific Rubber & Supply Corporation in 1990. Many of the founding employees of the Eugene store came from the other branches of the company, and have been with Pacific Rubber from its beginning more than 30 years ago. We believe that the experience and dedication shown by our employees sets us apart.

The buying power of Pacific Rubber offers you the access to every major product line, quality service, and competitive prices. We stock all the major brands, and there is no limit to the amount of products that our buyers can access, whether they need millions of parts or just one. Pacific Rubber is a supplier to other large distribution networks, so whether you’re a distributor, a supplier, or a large OEM, we have the products here to take care of you.

“We’re invested in our employees, so you can be invested in us.”

— Jim Damian and Dru Cook, Owners, Pacific Rubber & Supply Corporation