Mike Schlosser from Springfield School District

I have been doing business with Pacific Rubber since a Saturday morning phone call in 1994. During that time the guys at Pacific Rubber have always placed the best interests of the company I work for as the number one priority. They have always researched and presented new ideas to help with product improvement and development. They have worked long and odd hours to support our company and have never faltered in their commitment to our success.

You typically develop friendly relationships with people you do business with but rarely do you develop lifelong friendships. Jim, Dru, Grant and Everett are people you can trust and count on day in and day out.

They are “Old School” in their philosophy which places the customer first and going the extra mile.

A great group of people and a great company!

Brian Wampler from Western Shelter Systems

Western Shelter Systems would like to acknowledge your exemplary professionalism, relentless dedication to duty, positive and dynamic attitude including your flawless customer service.

You’re highly qualified in all aspects of WSS requirements along with extensive technical knowledge in your field. Your contribution in constantly adapting to our needs reflects great credit upon yourself and Pacific Rubber.

Please accept this small token of your appreciation. We truly enjoy working with you. We’d like to thank you for being such a highly industrious, keen and self-motivated person.

Mac Burrell from AOP Technologies

I have been doing business with Pacific Rubber since they opened. We are 2 blocks away in distance. I can walk in at any time and get the best service in town. It does not matter what I needed or how small the order. I have been in this business for 35 years and in my opinion, they are the best supplier I have worked with. We have been partners in this industry. I buy from them and they buy from me. A perfect solution to business.

Chris Forsman from Express Blower, Inc.

For more than 15 years, we have enjoyed a tremendous working relationship with Pacific Rubber. They’re always there when we need them and have really come through for us in critical situations. Because of their great customer service and extremely high level of knowledge, we consider them to be one of the top suppliers and value their partnership in business.

BAE Systems

As a supplier to BAE Systems, you are aware of the significant number of contracts awarded to the company during the past few years. Our success in securing them is due, in large degree, to a focues on the customer and initiatives undertaken by the company to be the best in class. This business philosophy is grounded on a commitment to the concepts of lean manufacturing and to continually improve processes to make them more reliable and efficient.

A significant part of this concept is the existence of an integrated reliable supply chain, originating from the customer and extending to our suppliers. The existence of a supplier relationship is based on shared values and commitment to consistently provide compliant parts is needed to support the demands of short lead times necessary to provide on time delivery to our customer.

In a lean manufacturing environment, even infrequent rejections cause significant disruptions in the flow of materials and parts through the system. The non-value added activities associated with rejecting, reworking or returning parts and inspection upon receipt use resources which could be better utilized for continuous improvement activities.

We, therefore, continually monitor the procurement process to make certain existing objectives are being met and identify areas where improvement activities must be taken to achieve more consistent performance.

During the last twelve months, your company has maintained a 100% quality rating with a total receipt of 98,120 parts.

We recognize that the rating you achieved is due to the commitment and dedication of your employees to providing compliant parts on a timely basis. Their efforts are appreciated and they should be complimented.

Andy Elliott from Rear’s Manufacturing Co.

Pacific Rubber and Supply is one of our most important suppliers. They operate according to high ethical standards and have become an integral part of our manufacturing processes. We can rely on Pacific Rubber and Supply to have our parts delivered as promised every time. We highly recommend Pacific Rubber and Supply to other customers.

Brenda LaSorella from Finishing Consultants

The service that you and the rest of the staff at Pacific Rubber provide to Finishing Consultants on a daily basis is outstanding! We appreciate the dedication to getting even the smallest order out on time and accurately